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Sable Island Information
Now a National Park, run by Parks Canada, Sable Island, hosts multiple scientific studies. The anchor organization on Sable Island, is the Meteorological Service of Canada, part of Environment Canada, and the orginal operators of the current Main Station. The principal science organizations that operate on the Island today, are BIO/ Department of Fisheries, with long term studies of the Seal population. The University of Saskatewan, currently has a program studying the wild horse population. Dalhousie University in partnership with Acadia University, is conducting reasearch studies of the Sea Gulls, in conjunction with the Offshore. 
Other forms of island research projects, can be labled as beachcombing, and statistical collections of various items found on the island.
From helium filled party balloons, to watching horse bodies deteriorate, along with the removal of horse skulls, and hoofs for science.

The presence of a permanent staff, also provides security, for Sable Island, from vandals, looters, smugglers, and other illegal activities. The ocean surrounding Sable Island, is monitored by aerial surveillance aircraft, operated by numerous government, and defense agencies.

Sable Island, is rich, in the form of mineral sands, that include gold particles. It was seriously concidered for gold mining, in the 1800's. It is unkown how much man made treasure, is buried on Sable Island, lost from the 300+ ship wrecks that surround the beaches.