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About Sable Island Information
Sable Island Information, is about providing a general overview of the Island, and the activities that take place there. This includes the benefits of a manned presence, the financial cost effectiveness of operations, and the resulting Prestige of the Nation, as well as the public relations benefits.

Sable Island, has been decribed as the  'jewel in the crown', for it's importance in the Canadian meteorological system, and historical climate data recording. It provides a safety net for the Oil & Gas industry, and for search and rescue activities, when necessary for helicopter refueling.

The meteorological weather data generated from weather balloon releases on Sable Island, is reputed to be one of the most important sources of information for the North Atlantic, and European weather forecasts. 
Paul Rogers is an award winning (1989) Commercial airplane and helicopter pilot, a registered Master Guide, and is a world recognised photographer. He currently resides six months a year on Sable Island, where his activities include photography, videography, writing, and consulting. With approximately 10 years of Sable Island experience, he is one of the most experienced individuals, on Sable Island.

In his free time, Paul Rogers has explored the whole island documenting many aspects of the horses, seals, and human activities, that take place on, or in the vicinity of Sable Island. Safety is a motivating factor, for much of his work, by presenting a realistic view of Sable Island, including conditions that can, or should be expected for planning purposes.

The beauty of Sable Island, is deceptive, and can be found, in all the things, that grow or live on, or in the vicinity. There is a raw untamed feel to the Island environment, and a gentleness of  character, that is hard to define, but contributes to the magical endearing experience, of the visitor. For anyone who has the privelige to live there, the Island recognises, and welcomes you home, when you return.

It is illegal to interfere with the wild horses, this includes touching, patting, feeding, chasing, or visitor papparazzi mob, photography groups.